The Mobil-O-Graph® is considered as a classic among ABPM devices for use in doctors’ practices and clinics. Its intuitive combined with Hypertension Management Software (HMS) helps to increase the efficiency of day-to-day practice operations and have made the Mobil-O-Graph® one of the most popular long-term blood pressure measuring devices in diagnostics. ​

The Mobil-O-Graph® also optionally offers the ability to determine the haemodynamic condition of blood vessels using pulse wave analysis. ​

This allows for better risk classification of patients, and enables optimised, individualised therapy adjustments in connection with hypertension management. ​

In addition to high measurement accuracy and measured value reproducibility, the Mobil-O-Graph® is also one of the most commonly used diagnostic measurement systems with currently over 400 publications in the field of arterial stiffness.​

  • Why have it?​
  • Technical data​
  • Options​
  • System benefits
  • Smart Solutions
  • Accesories
Why have it?​

Specialists in cardiology, hypertensiology, general and internal medicine

  • Intuitive user-independent pulse wave analysis measurement.​
  • Identification of hypertension-related phenomena for better decision-making regarding treatment.​
  • Support of therapy decision based on central blood pressure and haemodynamic analysis (central blood pressure, cardiac output and peripheral resistance).​
  • Time saving thanks to improved personalised therapy.​
  • Optimised patient management thanks to intuitive patient report​

Specialists in the field of nephrology​​

  • Patient-specific risk analysis for dialysis optimization.​
  • Saves time by making specific preparations for the dialysis patient.​
  • Personalised therapy adjustment improves the patient’s quality of life, and extends life expectancy.

Clinical Research

  • Reliable data due to the high precision (BHS (A/A Grading) and ESH) of the certified medicinal product validated measurement algorithms for pulse wave analysis.​
  • Straightforward, intuitive use of the Mobil-O-Graph for optimal integration in a study setting.​​
  • Maximum data interoperability and reliable data access.

Technical data​

L 128mm x W 75mm x H 30mm​ Ca. 240 g incl. Batteries​ Oscilometric​ 60-290 mmHg​ 30-195 mmHg​ 0-300 mmHg​ 30-240 BPM (Beats per min)​ ±3 mmHg (Static pressure)​ System: ≤6 mmHg/min​ Cuff: ≤4 mmHg/min​ +10°C - +40°C​ 15% - 90%​ 20°C - +50°C​ 15% - 95%​ 2 x AA NiMH 1.2V and min. 1700mAh (HR6)​ 2 x AA Alkaline 1.5V (LR6)​ >300 Measurements with M-Cuff and high-grade batteries​ 300 measurements​ Bluetooth, USB-connector, Infrared, Serial RS232​ Class1​
Characteristic Value
Systilic range​
Dyastolic range​
Pressure range​
Pulse rate range​
Operating temperature
Operating humidity​
Storage temperature​
Storage humidity​
Power supply​
Battery capacity​
Storage capacity​
Transmission power​


Parameters Basic License cBP License PWA​
Brachial systole
Brachial diastole
Heart rate​/td>
Pulse pressure
cBP systole​
cBP dyastole​
Cardiac Output​
Peripheral resistance
Reflection coefficient​​

System benefits

  • Optional step-by-step expansion of ABDM measurement to include central blood pressure and pulse wave analysis.​​
  • Longevity due to high international protection class (IP42) & high quality product components.​
  • Clinically validated results due to high measurement accuracy (BHS A/A grading and ESH).​​
  • Gentle and fast blood pressure measurement using the Auto Feedback Logic (AFL) algorithm.​
  • Easy to use and to integrate into everyday practice thanks to Smart Solutions.

Smart Solutions​

  • Battery contact connector for reliable and correct insertion of (rechargeable) batteries.​
  • Battery compartment lid with haptic feedback for superior grip when opening.
  • Cone-fit cuffs that fit perfectly.
  • Alignment aids for correctly choosing and positioning cuffs.
  • Cuffs without latex or plasticisers.
  • The Schott plug feedback mechanism enables easy and reliable connection of the cuffs to the Mobil-O-Graph®
  • Support strap on the Mobil-O-Graph® belt pouch keeps the cuff tube in its designated position.
  • USB cable connector with anti-kink protection.​
  • Laminated quick guide for hygienic use.
  • Step-by-step expansion of the Mobil-O-Graph® to include central blood pressure and pulse wave analysis.


  • License cBP (24h) (Triple measurement, central Blood Pressure)​
  • License PWA (24h) (Triple measurement, central Blood Pressure, Pulse Wave Analysis)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, XS (14-20 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, S (20-24 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, M (24-32 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, L (32-38 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff, XL (38-55 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff S, turnable (20-24 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff M, turnable (24-32 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff L, turnable (32-38 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff XL, turnable (38-44 cm)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® cuff XXL, turnable (44-55 cm)​
  • Cotton sleeves (50 pcs.)​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® pouch incl. shoulder strap​
  • Shoulder strap for pouch​
  • Mobil-O-Graph® leatherette pouch incl. shoulder strap​
  • Charger​
  • Rechargable battery, 1700mAh​
  • Batteries, AA, alkaline (4 pcs)​
  • USB cable, 4-Pin​
  • USB bluetooth adapter​
  • Set pouch, printed​
  • Tape measure IEM​
  • HMS CS installation CD​
  • Solutions vs COVID