Solutions for Screening​​

Solutions for Screening​​

Blood pressure and pulse wave analysis to identify arterial stiffness​

  • Quick and dependable identification of high risk patients.
  • ​Various use cases.​
  • Visualized results in individual reports.​


With the agedio® vascular age measurement, you offer your customers an innovative prevention service that can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke during their lifetime by early detection of high-risk patients and unknown hypertensives.​ ​

​ The non-invasive measurement and analysis of measurement results can be quickly performed in just a few minutes. These can then be incorporated into a clear and concise report, visualised by means of a traffic light system. The results compare the apparent ageing of the vessels with the actual biological age of the patient, giving people identified as high-risk the chance to take preventive measures, and so to significantly reduce the personal risk of a cardiovascular event.

IEM screening solutions can be used in a wide range of applications: Customers use IEM screening technologies worldwide in pharmacies, medical practices and hospitals, but also in corporate healthcare management and the fitness and nutrition sector.